What is Yogability?


What is it?

In short; a mix of yoga and mobility work.

A whole body Strength and flexibility exercise which increases flexibility and mobility, whilst maintaining strength.  Yogability aims to relate movements to specific sports or fitness and the mobility required to enhance performance in these sports.  Yogability focuses on movements to increase flexibility, mobility and muscle strength and body awareness. It assists in injury prevention whilst enabling form and function.

A typical class will consist of:

  • Flows for movement and linking movements to improving range
  • Mobility work - working on strength through our widest range
  • Stretching - normally dynamic but sometimes passive to increase flexibility 
  • CARS - controlled articular rotations - for hip joint health
  • Strengthening work - whether its core, shoulders or hip flexors for example; some challenging movement to increase stability
  • Relaxation and breathing; to relax the mind as well as the body

How was it created?

Alecs Donovan is the founder of Yogability; Alecs has always been a sport competitor, from Netball to Hockey and now part of the Women’s Welsh Rugby Squad. 

Sport has always been her first love and having parents who have achieved international status in their own disciplines there is no doubt that sport is in her genes.

 "Whilst playing Netball I ruptured my achilles and the chances of me competing to a high level again was very small. The surgeons couldn’t operate on the calf muscle so its currently held together with scar tissue… 

 During rehab; the surgeons recommended that I tried Yoga. But at the time Yoga was the last thing I wanted to do. 

 However; Rupturing my achilles, meant that the one thing I could really do was yoga, and therefore I decided to try it and to try different types of yoga. At first I couldn't understand how on earth people, three times my age, were better than me, more flexible, stronger and healthier than I was!

After just two years of yoga, I can now understand the importance and the benefits it brings. All athletes, especially those rehabilitating from injury would benefit from yoga and others who are interested in general fitness and their well-being would gain so much from the teachings and benefits of yoga.

I decided to take the elements I needed as an athlete out of Yoga (some parts I didn’t really need) and train as a movement and mobility specialist as well as a Yoga teacher and then combine the most. Range (through yoga) Strength  in that range (mobility). And then you have: Yogability.

I am stronger, fitter and so much more flexible than I was before my injury; I’m playing rugby to the highest level which I couldn’t even dream of before.

 Even though it was originally designed for athletes or people who are physically active - it’s grown a lot more than that especially though public classes.

I teach at UFIT on:

Mondays 18:00

Tuesdays 19:30 (starting soon)

Wednesdays 6:30am

Wednesdays 13:00

Wednesdays 19:00

Fridays 6:30am

Sundays 18:30


By Alex Donovan - Yogability

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