Mark tackles the 6633 Arctic Ultra race in the Yukon.

We would like to congratulate our member and good friend, Mark Whittle from WhittleFit for completing the 6633 Arctic Ultra race this month out in the Yukon.

As one of the most respected extra ultra marathons, the 6633 Arctic Ultra is regarded by many as the toughest, coldest, windiest ultra distance foot race on the planet.

The non-stop self sufficient foot race is over 380 miles, crossing the line of the Arctic Circle.

Mark said “The bottom line with the 6633 arctic ultra is that it gobbles you up and spits you out. The commitment required is massive, you have to dig deep, deeper than you thought possible and if you’re prepared to leave part of your soul on the ice, then you might succeed.”

There were 20 starters and he was only one of 6 runners to finish the race. A massive accomplishment considering the distance, environment and harsh winter conditions.

Amazing work, Mark!

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