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Post COVID - Do I have to book a slot to use the gym?

Post COVID - How will I be able to social distance in the gym?

Post COVID - How is equipment being kept clean?

Post COVID - Is all the usual gym equipment available?

Post COVID - Are changing rooms open?

Post COVID - Are bags allowed to be taken into the gym?

Post COVID - Do I need to wear a mask to the gym?


How long do I have to activate my membership after signing up online?

Why do I need a wristband?

What happens if I loose my wristband?

How old to I have to be to train in the Gym?

Do you have Showers and changing facilities?

What do I need to use the lockers?

Do you have WIFI?

Do you have Boxing Bags?

Do UFit have a Creche?


Does my membership include classes?

How do I book a class at UFit?

How far in advance can I book a class?

Can I book a class if I am a non-member and how much is it?


Can I Freeze my membership?

How long is the cancelation notice on the Monthly Memberships?

How do I cancel my Membership?

Who will be collecting my Direct Debit?